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Empower your business
finances with ease and insight

Accountuit provides an intuitive accounting solution for anyone in business 


Let the experts take the helm of your accounting, giving you the freedom to focus on what you do best: driving your business forward. It's more than a service; it's your ticket to streamlined success and optimized efficiency.

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Software Supercharge:
Xero & Simplepay unleashed

Gain seamless control over your financials with best in class Xero and Simplepay softwaree. From initial setup to expert training sessions, we'll ensure you’re well-equipped to manage your accounting and payroll with proficiency. It's tailored to simplify your financial processes, making bookkeeping a breeze and payroll a straightforward task, all while providing you with the tools to understand and maximize the use of your financial software.

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Tax & Statutory: Your compliance command center

Navigate the complexities of tax compliance effortlessly with services that include the calculation and submission of income tax, provisional tax, VAT, and PAYE returns, alongside CIPC annual submissions. Beyond compliance, strategic tax planning and optimization are designed to safeguard your assets and reduce tax liabilities, positioning your business for sustainable growth.

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Accounting: Precision, Packaged

Annual financial statements? Consider them done. Monthly management accounts? Ready for your review. With our service, every number tells a story—your business’s story. We provide the clarity and insight needed to understand your financial narrative fully. Our detailed reports and forecasts are not mere documents; they are your roadmap to financial success, tailored to your business’s heartbeat.

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Advisory: Your Strategic
Success Partner

Imagine having a financial guru by your side, 24/7. Our advisory services make this a reality. Monthly management meetings illuminate your financial performance, offering a platform for strategic decision-making. With us, it’s not just about keeping score; it’s about scoring big. We’re here to guide your tax planning, business strategy, and much more, ensuring you’re not just running a business—you’re revolutionizing it.

Owner, Mario Henry | Marios Movers

"Their expertise has not only optimized my tax situation but also provided peace of mind in managing my finances"

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  • How is income tax calculated for employees in South Africa?
    Income tax for employees is calculated based on a progressive tax system, where different tax rates apply to different income brackets. SARS (South African Revenue Service) deducts tax from your salary through PAYE (Pay As You Earn) before you receive your pay.
  • What is the income tax rate in South Africa?
    The income tax rates in South Africa range from 18% to 45%, depending on your taxable income bracket.
  • How can I reduce my income tax liability in South Africa?
    You can reduce your income tax liability through various tax-saving strategies, such as contributing to retirement annuities, making additional voluntary contributions to pension funds, claiming deductions for medical expenses, and taking advantage of tax-free investments.
  • Who is exempt from paying income tax in South Africa?
    Certain individuals may be exempt from paying income tax in South Africa, including those earning below the tax threshold, individuals with disabilities, and certain pensioners. Additionally, certain types of income, such as capital gains below a certain threshold, may also be exempt from tax. It's advisable to consult with a tax professional for personalized advice regarding tax exemptions.
  • What is the minimum salary to pay income tax in South Africa?
    In South Africa, you are required to pay income tax if your annual taxable income exceeds the tax threshold, which is currently set at R87,300 for individuals under 65 years old.
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